Wow, the beauty of modern art from Nepal enhanced by a greenery photo shoot! How did THIS come about?

Well, a couple of weekends ago I went to a 2-day bloggers conference in Amsterdam and was totally inspired by Igor and Judith from the UrbanJungleBloggers platform. In less than two years they have managed to attract more than 700 bloggers from all over the world to their platform which focuses on getting more greenery into the world – and not only for people who had green thumbs all along, but also for us beginners …

And a beginner I am. My husband has always been the green thumb in the family and for the longest time I have found plants in the interior a bit stuffy and old-fashioned. I tolerated our two oversized pots with I-have-no-idea-what-they-are-but-they-grow-like-crazy, as they make a nice division between our open kitchen and the living room, but taking care of them was totally my husband’s domain.

And now Igor and Judith inspired me to actually go out and get some plants on my own and I am ready to care for them. Please, you long-time botanists, don’t laugh at me, as my selection leans heavily to the easy-care of succulents, but, hey, everyone has to start somewhere! So here’s the arrangement on my livingroom table with a painting of Saroj Mahato on the wall in the background.

Urb insta black best

Urb insta couch plants art


I actually waited around for afternoon light to take the photos, which needed quite a bit of patience. But it did make the other shots come out nicely, too, such as the view of the table with a great piece of art (not from Nepal!) by Ariane Boss from Berlin.

Urb inst closeup flower art

Urb insta table light reflex


And the same holds true for the shot of the flowers and art above the sideboard (all from Nepal: yellow and gray/black painting by Binod Pradhan, blue Buddha face by Ratna Kaji Shakya, and the small sketch of mythical “Kalki” horses by veteran artist Shashi Shah).

Urb insta usm


… and just for your enjoyment one last close-up:

Urb insta closeup


(And if you want to see more of my house WITHOUT GREENERY check out this earlier post!) UJB-sidebar-lime