A third edition of the Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF) is scheduled to be held from March 24 to April 7, 2017. Organised by Siddhartha Arts Foundation, the two-week festival will feature works by a host of Nepali and international artists.





The strategic change reaffirms Siddhartha Arts Foundation’s commitment towards consistently engaging relevant stakeholders in realizing Kathmandu as a cultural hub in South Asia. By repositioning the event as a Triennale, the Foundation hopes to innovate on this existing format to produce a distinguished Nepali voice in the production of and engagement through the arts.Our refined logo—the Gajur—is a symbol of both the innovative strategies the organizing body has been implementing to fulfill its goals, as well as, an homage to the city itself and to the arts it has brought to life though time.




The 2017 theme is ‘The City’, and this edition of KIAF will be the first curated one. KIAF 2017 will be curated by renowned Belgian curator, Philippe Van Cauteren who heads SMAK (Museum for Contemporary Art) in Ghent, Belgium. The main exhibition, as conceived by the curator, will have a twofold aim: production and exhibition of artworks in Kathmandu and ‘encounters’ or substantial exchanges facilitated by visiting international artists.

KIAF is Nepal’s only international platform for global contemporary art practices. It is a not-for-profit engagement that brings together national and international artists, as well as experts, to reflect on pertinent social issues. Through the facilitation of the platform, organiser Siddhartha Arts Foundation employs the arts to present multiple perspectives on contemporary themes in order to educate audiences and engage society in critical dialogue.

KIAF old collage


The past two editions of KIAF were held in 2009 and 2012. The first edition featured a total of 111 artists from 25 countries whose works were exhibited under the theme of “Separating Myth from Reality: Status of Women”. The second edition was developed on the theme of “Earth | Body | Mind” to address issues of the environment and ecology. It featured 96 artists from 32 countries and a range of educational programming.

According to its organisers, KIAF 2017 is dedicated to the victims of the earthquake and to all Nepalis, for their unwavering resilience in time of crisis.


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