It is time again for an UrbanJungleBlogger post, this month it’s a „plant shelfie“. Funny idea, this “s(h)elfie”! Seems that it was one of the most popular post types ever on the UrbanJungleBloggers platform, so it is being repeated this month. Here we are:



I had quite some fun with it, I must say. There’s only one big shelf in the house and that’s the bookshelf in the living room which is filled with my own books (the hubby has a little library chamber of his own, he’s even more of a voracious reader than I am!).

Even though I like the professional decorators’ idea very much to put books of the same color together in order to make the overall look of the shelf more calm and pleasant to the eye –I must sadly admit that this concept doesn’t work for me at all. I wouldn’t be able to find my books back and I need to source books regularly, especially on yoga, decorating, and travelling – so my shelf remains  multicolored!



But for this styling task I set out to clean a central compartment of the shelf and I repurposed my very recently acquired thin bone china tea-light holders with their fine graphic design to be used as plant pots. But just white on white wouldn’t work, so it took the copper accents and a tad of pink to make it all come together.



… most important, though, was waiting for the right light. Only in the afternoon does the light from the patio reach far enough into my living room to reach the bookshelf. So patience eventually paid of to help me create this nice shot:



So, thanks UrbanJungleBloggers platform and its creators Igor Josifovic (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith de Graaff ( for yet another wonderful styling task, can’t wait to hear what we will do in December.




… and while signing off, here’s a freebie from around the far corner, where the kitchen table is resplendent in fall colors: